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Vinyasa flow yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga makes you strong and stable. The asanas (poses) performed during the practice build strength and can be a complete workout. The correct alignment, which is what I’m specialized in, engages all the stabilizer muscles preventing injury. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga improves your cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that a frequent practice lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar and it can be better than any low or medium impact training. 

Improves flexibility working on the ability of the muscles or muscle groups to lengthen passively though a range of motion. It also improves mobility that allows the joints to actively move through a healthier range of motion. Both mobility and flexibility are needed for a healthy, pain-free movement. 


Effective For:

improved fitness levels

A Vinyasa Flow Practice makes you stronger and improves stability. The asanas (aka positions) build strength while the muscles work in all 3 types of contraction: eccentric, concentric and isometric. 

This type of practice can go from medium to high intensity workout while moving from one asana to another, so it counts as cardio. 

 It makes you flexible. You don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga; yoga will make you flexible if you practice frequently. The key word here is “frequently”. So you can have to most of it if you establish both a guided and personal practice. 

improves mental health

During a Vinyasa Flow class every breath and every movement is cued, so this can help let go the mind knowing that you are fully giuded every step of the way. This can help reduce stress, anxiety and even burnout. 

It makes you sleep better because it releases tension in the body and helps it reset. It also creates “space” in the mind. Special Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Meditations can be practiced to help, if needed. In that way not only we’re falling asleep easier but also improves the quality of sleep. 

Vinyasa Flow helps stabilizing emotions. Transitioning from asana to asana helps realize that nothing is permanent and no experience, positive or negative lasts for ever. Additonally it gives a toolbox to be able to come back to balance in the smoothest way. 

Physical health benefits

Vinyasa Flow has many health benefits because it combines the advantages of a physical practice with those of mindfulness. 

It is good for the cardiovascular health and studies have shown that it lowers blood pressure, colesterol and blood sugar. 

 The alignment oriented Vinyasa Flow, which is the style tought, improves posture and helps compensate after a day of sitting in a desk or a ripetitive movement. 

 Every movement is linked to breath so the Vinyasa Flow practice helps breath better and in the long run improves lung capacity. 

It has incredible effects on the energy levels, boosting energy when needed and calming the body and mind in other cases. 

Peaceful mind and better mindset

It can be the first step of a healthier lifestyle. Practicing regularly helps making better choices. Prioritizing yoga practice is prioritizing yourself and what is good for you. Yoga is a way of living, so you can slowly embrace the parts that are good for you and serve you in your everyday’s life. 

Vinyasa Flow helps being at peace with yourself. All bodies are different and yoga helps being kind with oneself. There is no competition; there is just you and your mat, your will to be there. 

The practice creates a mindset where focus and attention is needed all the time. That kind of attention and attitude is brought outside of the class to everyday’s life. This also helps make better decisions aligned with our needs and our feelings. 


the best weight - Loss aid

Vinyasa classes definetly help tone the body and moreover help ditch the “diet mindset” and honor the body and give the nourishment it deserves. 

It improves the personal image incouraging self – discovery. The focus is on what feels good for the body and not on what “should be done”. 

Yoga practice helps being more present to the moment and this mindset can prevent emotional eating which is one of the main problems of overweight. You become more aware of your patterns and that way it is easier to let them go and free yourself from conditioning. 



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