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Pilates with Motr & Props

The MOTR (Movement On The Roller) is one of the most versatile equipments for Pilates, and extremelly customizable. It combines the confort and the challenge of the Foam Roller, using three weight levels resistances. Highly adjustable: it allows to work on eight different body positions. This little piece of equipment, previously known as “Core Fitness Roller” of “Core Body Reformer” is designed to provide full body workouts for strength, balance, agility, as well as targeted training for upper body, lower body and core.




Effective For:

Core strength

One of the reasons Pilates is such a good workout is that specifically focuses on building core strength. While most people consider their abdomen as the core of their body, it extends well beyong that. Everything is attached; with the core, besides your stomach area you are also talking about your sides, your mid to lower back, your buttocks and your hips. What happens in your core affects the rest of the body.


Having a strong, aligned core makes it easier to have good posture — a seemingly small change that can positively impact many areas of your life.

“Relaxing and strengthening your muscles leads to big help for your body.”

mobility & flexibility

There’s quite a bit of stretching in Pilates — which translates to improved flexibility. In addition to expanding the range of activities you can do, flexibility may protect you from injury, help your muscles relax and help you retain both mobility and range of motion as you get older.

Mobility on the other hand is refered to an active control of the joint, meaning the movement around a joint that combines strength, flexibility, and control. Strength may give you power, but strength alone doesn’t give you all you need to perform all the bending, twisting, and reaching you do daily. Regardless of whether you identify as an athlete or beginner, a young and experienced Pilates practitioner or a senior who just discovered how amazing Pilates can be, Pilates with the MOTR, can improve your mobility, enhancing everyday movements and improving athletic performance.

balance & Coordination

Pilates with the MOTR corrects imbalances to improve your balance. Pilates helps to improve your balance by correcting imbalances. Imbalances are often the result of the overdeveloped muscles compensating for weak ones and/or tight muscles that limit the range of your joints and/or limb. So if your balance is off, it could be that you have muscle imbalances.

The goal of Pilates is “coordination of mind, body and spirit”, as used to say J.H. Pilates himself. In order to achieve that we train coordinating the movement with the breathing. Pilates trains our body to do multiple movements at once, increasing our proprioception, an extremelly important skill not only in sports but also in everydays’s life.

body awareness
  • Like meditation and yoga, focusing on your body and breathing is central to Pilates. That awareness will help you better understand your body, for instance: Which muscles are strongest and how they compensate for weaker muscles elsewhere, where you store tension and what makes you feel your best. That education can help you better understand the signals your body sends you every day.

breath control

Pilates breathing provides much more than just oxygen to your body. Pilates breathing involves the coordination of specific muscles, and when done properly can enrich your workout. Mindful breathing, as used in Pilates, works your pelvic floor and core stabilizing muscles while effectively coordinating with your diaphragm so that you don’t overuse any one muscle. This deep breathing supports every move in Pilates and provides a deeper abdominal workout.

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